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"Dr Beagan and Robin, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with today's visit and we know Frannie and Zoe were too. It is certainly a great help to have you here in their home where they are more comfortable and at ease. But even more important is that it was instantly obvious how skilled and experienced both of you are and how great your understanding of pet animals is. I was put right at ease with your willingness to get down on the floor with them and meet them at their level. Thank you for all your good advice and counsel. We know that our cat's health is now in very good hands."

Sincerely, Chris Kelsey

"We have "three (3) kittens, a dog, some fish, a bunny and a frog, Dr. Beagan is no ordinary vet.  She is well equipped to handle the most extraordinary situations.  Her compassion, gentleness and attentiveness is abundant, while her care is professional, thorough and convenient for the active family.  For routine, emergency or simple inquiries; Dr. Beagan is well-equipped to handle any situation and we would highly recommend her."

Ginny Gautier, Clippity Doo Dog & Mobile Pet Waggin'

"Our sheltie, Gus is an integral member of the family. Though he’s only a couple of years young, he developed a fairly pronounced limp aggravated by endless hours of trying to keep our two sons herded and tidy within the confines of our property, no small task. Dr. Beagan, who has cared for him since he was a fuzzy pup, diagnosed the problem and determined that after traditional approaches weren’t effective, that Gus would be a good candidate for acupuncture with the aid of nutritional supplements. His recovery has been fantastic! After only two treatments we began to see a noticeable reduction in limping and now as we’re ending his course of treatment, the limping is barely there, even after a robust romp with the children. Dr. Beagan, Dr. Levitsky, Robin, Shelly and the whole team have made a difference in Gus’ young life. Furthermore, the convenience of having him treated in our own home makes the experience all that much more efficient and nurturing. We can’t thank Mobile Pet Vet enough!"

The Robbins Family, Annapolis, MD
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"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals."

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